As the creative brainchild of a Cirque du Soleil Acrobat, and a Men’s Artistic Olympic Coach, AGC combines training in acrobatics, gymnastics, circus arts, film arts, and fitness for children to adults, recreational athletes, professional athletes, and aspiring professional performers alike.

AGC provides a healthy, fun, and safe environment for your child to improve movement and body awareness, build flexibility and strength, and learn gymnastics.

Summer Camps For Kids Las Vegas

Summer Camps For Kids Las Vegas

Whoever has ever been to a summer camp, surely keeps unforgettable experiences. That is why nowadays more families choose to motivate their children to attend these programs as an alternative activity during the holidays.

There are summer camps of all kinds. However, those that dedicate to a specific activity are the most popular, such as languages or crafts. Within this category, summer sports camps are an excellent option, because not only do they develop emotional skills in your children, but also our kids exercise while learning and having fun.

What is Different in a Summer Camp?

One of the benefits that the camp has is the novelty. The children have a good time at school, but the camp offers entirely different activities. This allows the kids to get out of the routine and makes the experience more intense and unforgettable.

When leaving the family nucleus, they cease to be the centre of attention and are integrated into a series of group events. Those activities allow them to develop their psychosocial and emotional skills. Some of the values that they must practice during this coexistence are a negotiation, cooperation, loyalty, kindness and the desire to share.

The Sport Plus

Allowing your child to spend some time during the summer on physical activity is very positive. Nowadays, in the digital world, it is often hard to keep children "offline". Also, it is an excellent opportunity for them to enjoy new disciplines, which under normal conditions would have no chance.

At the Acrobatics-Gymnastics-Circus camp, for example, they will not only practice gymnastics but will also enjoy circus, acrobatics, tumbling, trampoline, ninja arts, crafts, aerial and more. All the activities aim at the development of the physical abilities but also intends the children to develop their self-esteem, and the confidence in themselves.

All this takes place in a fun environment, which is coached by the best gymnasts and acrobats in the nation. Our staff has a high sense of professionalism and is monitored every two years to ensure their formal background. They are also certified in CPR and basic first aid, for your peace of mind. This allows us to say that we offer one of the best summer camps for kids in las vegas.

Parents also Benefit

The time your children spend in the camp will also bring various benefits to the parents. First, you can plan activities for the couple, allowing yourselves to enjoy an excellent quality time, strengthening ties and having fun.

Also, it is an excellent opportunity to increase confidence in children. The development of activities outside the family is an opportunity to combat overprotection and parents’ dependence on children.

Let your Family Have Spectacular Moments this Summer

Acrobatics-Gymnastics-Circus offers you the opportunity to give your family an unforgettable summer. While the little ones enjoy one of the best summer camps for kids in Las Vegas, the older ones will be able to relax and enjoy themselves as well. Our team will be happy to assist you; Contact us by phone, by email for our contact form, and reserve your child's spot today.

Summer Camps For Kids Las Vegas
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