Owner and Head coach of Acro Team

Tanya was born in Bulgaria where she started training Acrobatic Gymnastics at the age of five.
She graduated from the world renowned “T. Kableschkov” sport school where she was 5 times Acrobatic National Champion and 4 times Trampoline National Champion. Her love for sports as well as her talents gave her the opportunity to travel around the world and perform.
Upon retiring from competition, Tanya focused her expertise on coaching both acrobatics and trampoline.
Tanya is been the head coach of Acro in the last 3 years and is has couch athletes to be State and Regionals Champions.


Owner and Head coach of Gymnastics Girls Team

Began Gymnastics when she was 6 years old and by age 9 and was competing for the Bulgarian National Team. She won the Bulgarian National All Around title 2 times. Competed in many international competitions representing Bulgaria. Competed in the 93 European Championships earring a 6th Place prize I also competed in the 95 World Championships where I earned my quota for the Olympic Team in 96, competing in Atlanta.
She been coaching Girls for 12 years and I am confident in my System. Coaching in the United States has been an awesome journey, she have had State Champions every year from all ages and all levels. I have also been a part of the TOPS Program, I’ve had many Athletes qualify to the National Testing in Houston TX. She is very existed to be part of the new development of AGC.


Pre- Team Acro and Acroyoga

Meglena was born in Bulgaria where at the age of 6 she was introduced to the sport of Acrobatics Gymnastics. On her first competition she won 3 gold medals and the following year, after a hard training and dedication she became National Champion. At the age of 16 she decided to take a step further towards her passion for Acrobatics, and she moved to the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia. There she got accepted into CSKA school of sports. Two years ago she fell in love with Acroyoga and quickly became well know around the Acroyoga community as Magic Meg. Her love for the sport kept her going and Meglena is now coaching the pre-team Acrobatics Gymnastics program as well as teaching Acroyoga classes at AGC.


Pre–Team Acro and Pecreational Gymanstics

Born on 10.8.1951in the town of Sliven, Bulgaria.
K. Kirov started his occupation with gymnastics in the year 1961.During the period 1964-1972.he is repeated medalist in State championship. As as student in National sport academy, he got into the basic membership of the national team of sport acrobatics-men’s pair. He participate in two Would Championship in Moscow-1974, and Germany-1976 were he won two silver medals.
He started work in 1977 as couch of acrobatics gymnastics in his town Sliven. Under his guidance his athletes Kucarov, Aliev, Latchkov, Nedelchev, Vladev as parts of men’s pair won 22 medals in many World, European, Championships and World Cups. He is honored with title Honored master of sports and Honored coach. He arrived in USA, Denham Spring, Louisiana in 2008. He has worked for 9 years as head coach of Lips and Bounce. We will like to welcome coach Kiril to AGC Las Vegas.


Pre- Team Acro and Team Acro

Yury is a World Champion and Russian National Team member in the Men’s 4 Event in Sports Acrobatics, and has a Bachelors degree in Physical Education, specializing in Gymnastics. His career has taken him all over the world performing with Cirque du Soleil, for International Competitions, and America’s Got Talent and Russia’s Got Talent with his renowned act Duo Resonance. Yury has over 20 years of training, competitive, and performing experience in Sports Acrobatics, Voltige, Teeter Board, hand balance, and hand to hand.


Acro Team – Coach

I was born in Russia, when I was 5 years old my family moved to the Ukraine, that’s where my mother took me to try Acrobatics. I fell in love with this sport. When I turned 16 I was chosen to be on National Team for Ukraine. In 1995 I won my 1st Gold medal in World ChampionShip (Wroclaw ,Poland) in women’s trio and we took Silver Overall in European Championships same year. In 1997 we won European Championships in Germany. In September 1997 I signed a contract with Cirque “Du Soleil” to be a performer in ” O” show. A few years later I become acrobatic coach in “O” show. Currently I’m still performing and coaching at “O” show.