AGC Open Gym For All Ages

AGC provides a healthy, fun, and safe environment for your child to improve movement and body awareness, build flexibility and strength, and learn gymnastics.

Kids Open Gym

Open Gym Information

What: Children first grade & up can practice their gymnastics & tumbling skills under the supervision of two AGC staff members!
When: Saturday 3-4:30pm
Cost: $7/member (currently enrolled in classes) $10/non-member, cash only.

All non-members must have a waiver signed by a parent/guardian prior to participation.

Open Gym Rules

  • Have FUN!
  • Gym clothing is required.  No jeans, khakis, belts, pants with buttons or other street clothes will be permitted.
  • When going across the gym, look both ways like you are crossing the street so you don’t get in anyone’s way & walk to where you are going.
  • One person on the Tumble Track and trampoline at a time.
  • Respect our equipment.  No drawing on any equipment, carpets or walls with chalk.
  • No wrestling, fighting or foul language.
  • No horseplay, running into or slamming yourself into the mats against the walls.
  • No electronic devices or cell phones allowed in the gym.
  • Treat the teachers supervising and all participants with respect.
  • Clean up when asked by the teachers.

Failure to follow the rules will result in the teachers having participants sit out, contacting parents or being asked to leave.  There will be no refunds for inappropriate behavior.  We EXPECT good behavior to keep everyone safe & to allow everyone to have FUN!

Adults Open Gym

Open Gym Information

Monday – Thursday  11:00am – 8:00pm
Friday – 11:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday – 11:00am – 4:00pm

Cost: Thursday Special $7, Half Day: $10, Full Day $15. Month $100.

Open Gym Rules

  • Have fun
  • New members must have waiver filled prior to gym use.
  • All members must be signed in prior to use the gym
  • Session(s) must be paid for prior to gym use
  • Be considerate of others