AGC Gymnastics

"The best, most affordable gymnastics, acrobatics, and tumbling for kids in Southwest Las Vegas"

AGC Gymnastics

"Where most facilities focus only on children's gymnastics or professional training, AGC brings both together under one roof where the amateur and professional, child and adult, can aspire together."

Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Aerial & Ninja

Acro Gymnastics Las Vegas

Recreational Gymnastics

Cheer Tumbling: 7-13 yrs
Gymnastics Beginner: 4-11 yrs
Gymnastics Intermediate and Tumbling: 6-15 yrs
Boy’s Gymnastics: 4-11 yrs

Acrobatics Classes

Acro Beginner: 4-14 yrs
Acro Advance: 6-16 yrs
Acro Pre- Team Leve 1 – 2: 4-14 yrs
Acro Pre-Team Level 3 – 4: 6-16 yrs

Pre- Team & Team

(Invitation Only Programs)
Instructor recommendation is required

Tip Top Girl’s: 4-8 yrs
Boy’s Pre – Team: 5-8 yrs

Preschool Gymnastics

Gym Stars – Mommy and Me: 15 months - 4 yrs
Golden Stars: 3-6 yrs
Flipping Stars: 5-8 yrs

Aerial and Ninja Art

Aerial – Youth Beginner: 5-12 yrs
Aerial – Youth Advance: 6-18 yrs
Ninja Art: 6-12 yrs


As the creative brainchild of a Cirque du Soleil Acrobat, and a Men’s Artistic Olympic Coach, AGC combines training in acrobatics, gymnastics, circus arts, film arts, and fitness for children to adults, recreational athletes, professional athletes, and aspiring professional performers alike.